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About SCE

Satyam college of Education, a Top B.Ed college in noida , india promoted by Satyam Charitable Trust (SCT), has been established with a firm commitment to foster a holistic approach to facilitate and promote studies and research in emerging areas of Education.

Aim being to achieve excellence in the Educational field towards development of Education in the era of globalization. The institute is affiliated to the SNDT Women's University, Mumbai.

The SCE has decided to emphasize on women education thus empowering them in the field of Education. The Institute offers an outstanding learning environment for students by providing state of the art Infrastructure, facilities, course curriculum and teaching methodology. All these are designed, in view of its commitment to achieve excellence in the field of Education by providing excellent trained teachers.

The SCE focuses on development of its students not only by imparting quality education in teacher training but also in instilling a sense of self worth and discipline. Students would get opportunities to participate in numerous co-curricular activities on and off the campus, to realize their true worth and potential.

SCE's vision is to become a trained teacher in the field of Education by following global standards and setting the bench marks for excellence in the field of Education.


Satyam College of Education , one of best B.Ed college in noida , India is affiliated to S.N.D.T. Women's University, Mumbai, a Government University, also the first university for women in India & South East Asia.

NCTE Recognition : -
Registration No. : F. NRC/NCTE/UP-2652/2015/126614 dates 19.10.2015

"An Enlightened Woman is a Source of Infinite Strength"

The S.N.D.T. Women's University was founded by Bharat Ratna Maharshi Dhondo Karve, the Social Reformer who dedicated his life to the advancement of Indian women. The University has developed many special features which makes it distinctive and unique. It caters exclusively to women and offers courses which are important and relevant to them. In 1951 the University acquired statutory recognition. This recognition came along with the rare privilege of jurisdiction across the country. The University has three campuses, one in Pune and two in Churchgate and Juhu in Mumbai. In addition to 32 University Departments and 11 constituent colleges located in the three campuses, today, the University has 200 colleges in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Assam Goa and U.P. University's territory has been extended to the Northern part of India in Delhi NCR through Satyam Fashion Institute, Noida by offering courses in Fashion and Retail.

The goals of the SNDT Women's University emerging from the Vision and Mission are:-

1. Provide access to higher education for women through formal and non- formal streams including adult and continuing education.
2. Provide a wide range of professional and vocational courses for women to meet the socio-economic demands.
3. Develop scholarship and research in emerging areas of study, particularly with focus on women's perspectives.
4. Inculcate among women positive self-confidence, awareness of women's issues and rights with a rational outlook towards society.
5. Enhance purposeful education with 'human values' and social responsibility by participating in outreach programmes.
6. Achieve excellence in the academic disciplines, research and extension activities through emphasis on 'quality in every activity'.

SNDT the first Women's University in India and South-East-Asia: -

1. More than 60,000 students with advantage of multi-entry points into the academic structure.
2. Wide range of under-graduate and post-graduate courses.
3. University with Constituent Colleges.
4. University with three campuses, two in Mumbai and one in Pune.
5. Selected by UGC for export of higher education.

SNDT University's website -

Vision & Mission of SCE

SCE, aspires to be a leading institution in India offering quality teacher education to enlighten, emancipate and empower the student-teacher fraternity and to foster life long learning.

SCE is committed to provide trained & committed teachers with personnel qualities and professional competencies in the field of Education.

Advisory Board

1. Shri P.K. Agarwal, President
2. Shri Vishal Jain, Vice President
3. Mrs. Manjulika Gautam, Member
4. Shri Vivek Jain, Member
5. Shri Pradeep Gupta, Member

Teaching Methodology

An integrated teaching program covering both the theoretical & practical aspects effected by way of :-
Audio-Visual aids
Practical Projects
Work-shops / Seminars
Teaching Practice
Cooperative learning
Educational Tours
Laboratory practices

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Ms. Manjulika Gautam,
(IAS Retd.) Director General

After a long and enriching innings with the government, I have joined Satyam Fashion Institute and Satyam College of Education. For me, it opens a window to Women's empowerment and improvement in quality of life......

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Message from Principal

We all dream about a college, where learning can be exciting, full of innovative ideas, challenges and always be ahead of what is happening in the world.

I strongly believe that it is an ideal time to study design and education where students can come to focus on and learn what they love.

We are here to make difference. At Satyam find out what you love. Do what you love. Your dreams are your road map.

Your success is our success and our goal is to make your dream a reality. We intend to keep working to help our current and future students to advance in their careers and achieve their goals.

We can only do that if we invent and reinvent ourselves as academics living in a dynamic world.

Best Wishes!

Dr. Mitali C. Goswami , Ph.D

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Affiliated to SNDT Women's University, Mumbai

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